Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Plan

Hello everyone,

I'm posting the schedule of the major to give a better idea of what classes we take here at DCTC for those who are not familiar with the program. The chart was created by Deb Newberry, she is the founder of the program and also teaches some classes.

Notice that in the chart there is a summer term planned. I opted not to take summer classes; thus, I had to do everything during the normal school year. I'm telling you this because if you plan to do the same then it's good to know that you will have to study a little hard to get a good grade, but don't worry too much because this is a technical school and most teachers don't give huge home works (most... not all) because they assume people have to work.

by the way, Deb was the one who gave us the idea of making this blog which is being really useful for me because now I have an extra stimulus to learn how to write (I'm sorry again for the grammar mistakes).

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