Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can you multitask?

I know I didn't post anything in the last two weeks, but I have a reasonable explanation for that.

This is what I had to do last week: 5 lab reports, read 2 manuals, revise two essays, write a 6 pages argument essay, two problems sets for nanoelectronics, take-home test for nanoelectronics, 3 reports about companies and conferences I went, take-home test + homework for quality class, 1 paper critique for biotechnology, problems for material science.

I also had to return some books to the county library and renew a book at my school, do laundry, wash dishes, do groceries, prepare food for the week, wash the bathroom (actually I have to do all kinds of unpleasant chores in my home), talk with my family in South America, prepare something to present to the elementary school students, and now I have to fix my car because it just started to make a squealing noise.

That was one week ago; now I have to do many more things.

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