Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost there

Tomorrow I will go to the University of Minnesota Bookstore at Coffman Memorial Union
to buy the following books:
Fabrication Engineering At The Micro & Nanoscale, 3rd (9780195320176 Campbell),
Mt 3121 Sec.1 Tran Course Packet 281055910039B (which is not a book),
Bionanotechnology : Lessons From Nature (9780471417194 Goodsell).

As a good student, I waited until the last days to buy the books!

Go to: to know your user name to log in in your U of M account (just type your last name to find yourself. If nothing is found, then you did not initiate your account, and you will need the letter that they sent you (your student ID is there) to initiate the account). [If I knew the last 3 lines 2 hours ago, I would not have wasted 2 hours trying all passwords and possible user names that I can imagine... ]

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