Saturday, December 31, 2011

What happened after graduating..

When I was at DCTC I started working at 3M doing research related to photocurable materials and adhesives in general. Everyday that I wasn't studying at DCTC, I was working in the lab at 3M. I was pretty lucky to have a supervisor who was very nice in teaching me a bunch of instruments and letting me read a lot so I had the opportunity to operate DSM (differential scanning calorimiter), TGA (thermal gravimetric analysis), humidity chambers, (I actually forgot the name of the equipment)..

It was fun and they pay me good enough in my opinions ince I spent acutally most of the time doing fun stuff.

My research consisted in finding a formulation that would cure well and work at high temperatures. I also did a little bit of work with gaskets and nanowires. We tried to use silica nanoparticles in many formulations but they didn't turn out as good as we expected.

I also did research at the U of M in the Biotech Institute. I researched microfluidics. It was fun too. I could use the lab for free and had access to many equipment for free. That was pretty cool. Then I had the option to study Chemistry at the U of M but I decided to give up in science and dedicate myself in finance.

I like a bunch of subjects and I really like science but I found out I really liked science because I wanted to make cool stuff that people could use everyday and I wanted to see people using the things I would hope to eventually invent and when I was I 3M, a lot of my science was just becoming patents and sitting in shelves doing nothing, so I felt that instead of contributing to make science available I felt I wasn't contributing as much as I could. I saw that there was already a lot of good technology already developed and that all that was needed to make that technology available to people is a business guy to invest on the idea and bring it to the market, so I realized I needed to be an investor and not an inventor if I wanted to see technology in the world.

I then started studying finance at UST. Business is a joke compared to science. what business people call hard, science people call easy. 2 years after studying finance I got a job as manager and I'm very happy to say that now I do indeed drive products to the market. my work actually involves working with 3M a little bit as partners and it helps me that I already worked there. I dont use much of nano in my current job but it's ok. it was fun to learn it anyway.

well, that is it!

I'm almost graduating again...

So, I graduated from DCTC a long time ago and I completely forgot about this blog... Sorry. But now I'm back. I don't have any news about nanotechnology.

In one semester I will graduate again! Bye.